The Summer Review is out now!

RGS-2018b cover
The latest edition of The Review contains the usual range of articles about Guernsey past and present – including a portrait of the artist William Caparne by Jane Mosse, the story of a tragic plane crash in Lincolnshire which killed a promising Guernsey pilot, Bernard Guille, by his nephew Brian Le Masurier and an article on the support provided to the Society by De La Rue in its early years.

The ‘Guernsey Around the World’ feature comes from Wyoming, where David Le Conte recently witnessed the solar eclipse. There is also news of efforts to restore Saints Bay Loophole Tower, with a surprising connection to the family of Sir Donald Banks, founder of the Guernsey Society – and our Hollywood correspondent reports on the Potato Peel Fever that hit the island in April.

There is news of our recent success at the 2018 Boules Muratti against the Jersey Society – and instructions on how to receive your copy of The Review electronically.

All in addition to the usual Book Reviews, Island News and details of our forthcoming meetings in London and Guernsey.

The Review is sent free to members three times a year.