The Review index 1990-1999


Autumn 1999

  • Loss and Rediscovery of the the Stella by David Shayer
  • A Chance Meeting in Moscow and the Memorial of Caroline Tupper by Peter de B Hart
  • The Manor House at Les Vardes, St Peter Port 1785-1833 by Peter Johnston
  • L’Hyvreuse Lane, St Peter Port by Peter Johnston
  • “The Silver Phantom” by Sylvia Hickman
  • Jerbourg Barracks by Peter Johnston

Summer 1999

  • A Guernsey Quarryman by Sylvia Hickman
  • Christmas, 1645 by Victor Collas & Darryl Ogier
  • Alderney in the 17th Century Part 2 by Brian Bonnard
  • The Finance Industry: Constitutional Implications by St. John A. Robilliard

Spring 1999

  • From Guernsey Channel Islands to Guernsey Ohio by Sylvia Hickman
  • Alderney in the 17th Century Part 1 by Brian Bonnard
  • Sark – Alive or Dead ? by John McCormack
  • Military Affairs Guernsey 1839 by Sue Taylor
  • John Skinner’s Visit to the Channel Islands: Guernsey, August 1827 by Roger Jones


Autumn 1998

  • Carey Island by Peter Hunt
  • How a Guernseyman saved India (Part 2) by Mary Le Mesurier-Foster
  • The Abandonment of Sark by John McCormack
  • Rebirth of Presbyteranism in 19th Century Guernsey by L.J. Marr
  • The Cholera and Smallpox Epidemic of 1849 by Peter Johnston
  • Diaries from the Past (Part 2) by Carel Toms
  • Alderney in the 1890s by Jean Bonnard
  • Guernsey in the Proms by Norman Machon

Summer 1998

  • Landing on Le Messurier Island, Alaska by Brian Le Mesurier
  • Reflections of Guernsey’s Seascape – Sea Moods by Lois Ainger
  • The Church of St Anne and its Graveyard by Dr Jean Bonnard
  • The Rock Island Railway Line by Frank Eggleston
  • The 1871 Total Eclipse by Anthony Blad
  • Guernsey Granite by Peter Johnston
  • Rebirth of Presbyterianism in 19th Century Guernsey by L.J. Marr
  • States Telephone Department – 100 years by J. Bennett
  • How a Guernseyman ‘saved’ India by Mary Le Mesurier-Foster
  • Four Guernsey Duels by Peter Johnston

Spring 1998

  • The Chapel of St Apolline, Perelle, St Saviours by George Bramall
  • Creation of a New Museum by Peter Sarl
  • La Maison du Neuf Chemin by Peter Girard
  • The Island Archives Service
  • Diaries from the Past by Carel Toms
  • Residences of Guernsey’s Governors by Peter Johnston
  • The Channel Islands in 1858 or The Seeings, Doings and Musings of one Tom Hobbler by Edward Gastineau
  • Extraordinary Sentence (The Times, Friday, January 1918)
  • The Stewarts of Appin: A Guernsey Royal Connection? by Ray Le Mesurier-Foster
  • Some Notes on Guernsey Churches by Peter Johnston
  • MBEs in the New Years Honours List


Autumn 1997

  • The Big Plough by the late Jurat John Roussel
  • Guernsey and the Holy Grail by John McCormack
  • St Peter Port in the Nineteenth Century by Peter Johnston
  • Royal Visit to Alderney by Dr Jean Bonnard
  • Letter from South Africa (cont) by Peter Johnston
  • A Guernseyman involved in The Mutiny on the Bounty by Stephen Foote
  • A Crapaud Abroad in Guernsey by Roger Jones

Summer 1997

  • Immigrant’s Dreams by Doug Vaudin
  • Guernsey Pilgrims and the Injunctions of 1536 by Darryl Ogier
  • The Brig Union of Guernsey by John Sarre
  • The Unusually High Spring Tide by Peter Johnston
  • A Russian Army in Guernsey and Jersey by Dr Alan Day
  • When a Queen caught Essex: an Alderney Legend by Dr Jean Bonnard
  • Carteret Priaulx & Co – further events by John Sarre
  • Galleting by John McCormack
  • Letter from South Africa by Peter Johnston

Spring 1997

  • Guernsey Donkey versus a Crapaud by DH Vaudin
  • One Hundred Years of the Guernsey Evening Press by Carel Toms
  • Sarnia Story (A Travesty Tale) by Dick Hedger
  • Alderney’s Elizabethan Wreck by Brian Bonnard
  • To Understand Houses look at Churches by John McCormack
  • The Alderney Cow by Dr Jean Bonnard


Autumn 1996

  • Difference between crapaud and donkey ? by John McCormack
  • Major-General Napier by Peter Johnston
  • Country Activities in Diaries of Wm Le Poidevin by Roger Berry
  • The Flying Christine III of St John Ambulance
  • Le Poittevin: an ancient surname by Julian Lepoittevin
  • Advertising Guernsey by Carel Toms
  • Obituaries: Vera Brown, Eunice Roussel, Lady Penelope Dorey
  • Book Review:
    • Southampton Justices 1648-1663

Summer 1996

  • Installation of Guernseyman as Lord Mayor of London
  • Privateering Prizes by Peter Johnston
  • Who was Osmond de Beauvoir Priaulx
  • Barn Owls in Guernsey by Dorothy Bramall
  • The Land of Cockaigne by John McCormack
  • Guernsey Telephone Museum by John Bennett
  • Book Review:
    • Hitlers Fortress Island by Carel Toms

Spring 1996

  • Designing the Flag by David Le Conte
  • Guernsey in Winchester by John McCormack
  • Changes in People of St Saviour by JW Sarre
  • The Story of the Pregnant Coffin
  • The Herm Setting of Lawrence’s Two Blue Birds by David Shayer
  • The Vale Castle in 1844 by Peter Johnston
  • La Salerie by Arthur Klein


Autumn 1995

  • Islands in Time by Mark Patton
  • Imagine a Tourelle by John McCormack
  • My View of Life in Guernsey by Helen Gardiner
  • Knopper Galls by Nigel Jee
  • G B Edwards & Ebenezer Le Page – Part 3 by Edward Chaney
  • Obituaries
    • Bill Green
    • Baron Pontin
    • Colin Le Mesurier

Summer 1995

  • Special edition: Celebration of 50 years of Liberation
    • Liberation & Royal Proclamation
    • The Liberation Monument by D Le Conte
    • Liberation Coins
  • Alderney Celebrates
    • VE Day by B Bonnard
  • Sark Celebrates Liberation
    • Memories of the Liberation by Lt E A Cowell
    • Liberation Day in Sark by R Cook
  • Guernsey Celebrates – Individual Reminiscences
    • “The last boat goes out tonight”
    • Evacuation of a 3-month old by D Le Conte
    • The message dropped by parachute by H Capper
    • Five years of fighting to live by Betty Corkett
    • Memories of the Occupation and Evacuation by J Bennett
  • Book Reviews
    • The Channel Islands Occupation & Liberation by Asa Briggs
    • Auntie Jean’s Jug by Patricia Ecker
    • Aspects of War by June Money

Spring 1995

  • Guernsey’s Carved Doors by Carel Toms
  • The Funding of the Norman Conquest by Roger Berry
  • G B Edwards & Ebenezer Le Page – Part 2 by Edward Chaney
  • Garenne d’Anneville & the Cheney family by P de B Hart
  • Book Reviews
    • My Case Unpacked by L Ainger
    • No Cause for Panic by B Read
  • CI Events at the Imperial War Museum


Winter 1994

  • G B Edwards and Ebenezer Le Page – Part 1 by Edward Chaney
  • Alderney Never Changes by Brian Bonnard
  • Some Guernsey Sayings by D M Ogier
  • Obituaries
  • Book Reviews
    • A Genius Undeclared: life of W J Caparne by Robin Fenner
    • Randall’s Len & Enid (audio tape) by KWL Advertising
  • 50th Anniversary Programme
  • A Week in June 1940 by Yvonne Hunkin

Summer 1994

  • Alderney’s Armorial Bearings by Brian Bonnard
  • Guernsey Pigs by John McCormack
  • We Thank Thee
  • Waiting – 50 years ago
  • Coastal Birds by Nigel Jee
  • Book Reviews
    • Reflections of Guernsey by M Bihet
    • Aspects of War by J Money
  • Escape from Alderney by Brian Bonnard
  • Nottingham Catchfly by Nigel Jee
  • Obituaries
  • Who’s Who – Jimmy Marr

Spring 1994

  • L’Eree Land
  • Poids de Pierres by Carel Toms
  • The Flying Christine Appeal
  • Rupert’s Guernsey Father – Herbert Tourtel
  • The Architects and Builders of Guernsey – Part 5 by George Bramall
  • Book Reviews
    • Jersey in London by Brian Ahier Read
    • Guernsey Green by William Bell
    • Life on Sark by Jennifer Cochrane
  • What is a Cachot ?
  • Guernsey in the Civil War


Winter 1993

  • Golden Jubilee Celebration report
  • A Guernseyman in Alaska by Brian Le Messurier
  • “God for King Charles!” by James Marr
  • The Architects and Builders of Guernsey – Part 4 by George Bramall
  • The Guernsey Society 1943 – 1993, a history by Mervyn Harwood
  • A Letter from Guernsey in 1945, 15 days after the Liberation
  • Who’s Who – Sancia Rosoman

Summer 1993

  • Message from the Chairman
  • Last Days on the Lys by Eddie Parks
  • Belle Grève Bay by Victor Coysh
  • The Architects and Builders of Guernsey – Part 3 by George Bramall
  • E D Marquand, a distinguished naturalist by Jean Bonnard
  • A Brief Alternative Chronology by Dean Hollingsworth
  • Book Reviews
    • There is an Occupation … by Miriam M Mahy
    • Alderney at War, 1939-1949 by Brian Bonnard
    • The German Occupation of the Channel Islands by Charles Cruickshank
    • Wrecked around Alderney by Brian Bonnard
    • Eye on the Past in Guernsey by Alex Glendinning
  • Firing Castle Cornet’s Guns

Spring 1993

  • Paul Naftel – one of Guernsey’s famous artists by Stephen Furniss
  • The Architects and Builders of Guernsey – Part 2 by George Bramall
  • La Cour Ecclésiastique by N M Ozanne
  • Book Reviews
    • Guernsey’s Forgotten Past by Carel Toms
    • A Pedestrian Tour of Guernsey & Jersey by W G Walmesley
    • Paul Jacob Naftel: a biography by Furniss & Booth
  • Three Ancient Alderney Wrecks by Brian Bonnard
  • Who’s Who – Victor Coysh & Richard Alan Kinnersly


Winter 1992

  • Obituary – JNB Lainé
  • Message from the Chairman
  • Delancey – Past and Present by Victor Coysh
  • My Hometown by Jessie Smith
  • A Maze at the Vale? by DM Ogier
  • The Alderney ‘Domesday’ Book by Brian Bonnard
  • The Architects and Builders of Guernsey – Part 1 by George Bramall
  • Book Reviews
    • Alderney Annals
    • Diex Aix: God Help Us by Major E Parks
  • Island News
  • Who’s Who – Martin Harvey

Summer 1992

  • Guernsey’s eminent airline Captain by Tim Earl
  • The Misfortunes of Captain Peter Tardif by John W. Sarre
  • T.H.White’s Alderney Novel by David Shayer
  • A Guernseyman’s Churchillian Speeches
  • The wind at war with the waves by Tim Kelsey
  • La Comedie by John Middlebrook
  • Treasure Trove at Icart by Andrew McClintock
  • Photographers in the 19th Century by Stephen Furniss

Spring 1992

  • An Old Guernsey Nursery Rhyme
  • The Courts of Guernsey by Advocate Roger Perrot
  • Rus des Paysans a la Pomare by Carel Toms
  • Captain John Lihou, R.N. by John Sarre
  • “Love, Laughter and Loyalty” by Mark Ogier
  • The Alderney Society by John Gatrell
  • A Notable Guernsey Enterprise by Tim Earl
  • The Bowler hat by Leonard Machon
  • “I Thought We’d Caught a Woman, Sir” by M.H. Bradshaw-Jones


Autumn 1991

  • The Ballad of Little Sark by Gordon Gompers
  • Our Island Tongue by Eric Fellows Lukis
  • P J Groves by Dr Harry Tomlinson
  • Le Clos de Valle’s Ancient Waterway by Mark Ogier
  • Blanchelande Harbour, Saints, in 1938 by Carel Toms
  • Bibliography
  • The Carriage Label Confrontation by Simon Coombe
  • The Genesis of the Billet d’Etat by Leonard Machon
  • The Dear Dead Days by S C Gilchrist
  • The Magic of St Thomas
  • Anne Bronte’s Choice

Summer 1991

  • Pleinmont Cliffs: A Legend by Dick Hedger
  • Signals Across the Sea by Geoffrey Wilson
  • Warding off the Changeling Threat to Babies
  • The Parson and the Schoolmistress by M H Bradshaw-Jones
  • Guernseyman and Bounty Mutineer by Tony Both
  • Petit Bot Mill of Yesteryear by Carel Toms
  • Ten Years of the Arts Council by Christine Le Poidevin
  • The Top Step by John McCormack
  • Remembrance Day, 1990: White Rock by Richard Walker
  • The Genesis of Guernsey’s Postage Stamps by Simon Coombe
  • My Most Unforgettable Character by Gordon Gompers

Spring 1991

  • The Call of the Island
  • The Flying Christine by Chris Morvan
  • Guernsey and the Holocaust by Julia Pascal
  • Guernsey’s Foremost Stately Home by Gordon Gompers
  • Saint Peter’s Court, Cornet Street (illustration) by Carel Toms
  • The Walter Martin Story by Jo Moody
  • A Cautionary Tale by Jamie Doggart
  • Fort Folorn by Marcus Binney
  • The Birth of the Post Office by Simon Coombe
  • Uncanny Tales of Two Houses by Leonard Machon
  • “Fading is the Worldling’s Pleasure”


Autumn 1990

  • Nostalgia by Barbara Elsdale
  • The Centenary of the Royal Guernsey Golf Club by A E Rose BSc
  • The Oldest Pillar Box
  • A proposed new waterwheel at Les Quanteraines by Andrew Dyke
  • The UK and the Channel Islands by St John A Robilliard MA LLB
  • When Was the Boud’lo Burnt? by Leonard Machon
  • The Squire of Havilland Hall by Tony Booth

Summer 1990

  • Guernsey (poem)
  • How Black Simon Claimed Forfeit from the King of Sark by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • The Site of La Tour Beauregard (illustration) by Carel Toms
  • Keeping a Guernsey Guest House by Hazel Lloyd
  • The Little World of Le Clos du Valle by Peter Falla
  • Collo by Leonard Machon
  • “A Godly, Righteous and Sober Life”
  • Burying the Old Adam
  • The Story of La Vallette Bathing Places by Kay Leslie

Spring 1990

  • Por Enne Bergerette Catelaine by Georges Metivier
  • Compton Mackenzie, DH Lawrence & Herm by David Shayer
  • Pre-War Fort Saumarez by Carel Toms
  • The Story of a Sea-snail by Edward Owen
  • The Cobo Vicar’s Grand-daughter by Tony Booth
  • The Georges Metivier Bicentenary by Leonard Machon
  • Health Services in Guernsey by Dr R E Irvine CBE
  • Sparrows