The Review index 1980-1989


Autumn 1989

  • Herm by Dorothy Osborne
  • Horbury House by Bonamy Moullin
  • A Brother, Briefly by Mary Beardsley
  • The Careening Hard by Carel Toms
  • Saint James, Saint Peter-Port
  • Manor Tapestries Trust by Sheila Lintell
  • La Petite Dame Agée du Platon by Leonard Machon
  • Forty Not Out by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Que Faire? by Christine Le Poidevin
  • An Earlier Billy Graham by Arminius Mnemosyne
  • The War Generation by Nigel Balchin
  • The Tax Haven Myth by John Neale

Summer 1989

  • Sark by Robert Dawson-Freer
  • The Centenary of the Priaulx Library by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Guernsey Tourism – Is It Worth Its Place? by Rex Birch
  • Saint Brioc by Carel Toms
  • A Link with the Casquets by Victor Coysh
  • Guernsey: The Fretful Tale of a Happy People by Corine Lesnes
  • A Letter from Emile by Neil Ross
  • Guernsey Airport’s Half Century
  • “The Lord Helps Those…” by Leonard Machon
  • The Queen’s Visit and other Island News by Elizabeth Head

Spring 1989

  • Desideratum by Margaret Irving
  • The Story of Les Vauxbelets by Brother Christantian
  • Saint Sampson’s Harbour drawn by Carel Toms
  • A Simple Man without Pretentions by Leonard Machon
  • 1989: Enne Bouanne Annaie – from Emile
  • The Office of Bailiff by Sir Charles Frossard
  • A Life of Exile by Greta Cerasale
  • The Tale of the Sark Quilt by Jennifer Cochrane
  • Book Review by Victor Coysh


Autumn 1988

  • Edouard Le Poidevin by Christine Le Poidevin
  • Sark’s Pub Rowdies by Paul Stokes
  • Goodbye to Guernsey? by Dave Prigent
  • The Frederick Corbin Lukis Bicentenary
  • A Near Thing by Alistair Horne
  • A New Memorial Seat by R Ashley & S Carey
  • A Voyage to South America by F d’A Collings
  • Sark 1918-1988 by Victor Coysh
  • Looking Back on the News by Joan Moullin

Summer 1988

  • 1954 to 1988 by Joan Moullin
  • The Press – The Inside Story by C R Sackett
  • The Hurricane and the Growers
  • The Building of Les Beaucamps School by Peter Johnston
  • “Mr. V” by James Marr
  • Guernsey and Norman Schools Twinned

Spring 1988

  • Christmas Lunch in Guernsey
  • In deepest Sark by Victor Coysh
  • A Wartime Journey
  • The Giant Cabbage in New Zealand by Jessie Smith
  • Twenty Six Cornet Street Recalled by James Marr
  • Duties of the Governess etc. at the Town Hospital contributed by J H Lenfestey
  • A Life of Exile by Greta Cerasale
  • The Tale of the Sark Quilt by Jennifer Cochrane
  • Book Review by Victor Coysh


Winter 1987

  • Guernsey and the Boat Show
  • 26 Cornet Street contributed by National Trust of Guernsey
  • Letter from Herm 1914 contributed by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • The Liverpool Recalled by Victor Coysh
  • The Termagant from La Chasse Vassal by James Marr
  • John Le Couteur: a Channel Island Migrant in Australia in 1855 by J Le C Simon
  • Mil Huit Cent Trois (poem)

Summer 1987

  • Extracts from books of Hospital regarding Daniel Morris contributed by Hugh Lenfestey
  • Admonitions to Apprentices contributed by Hugh Lenfestey
  • The Colours are laid up by Victor Coysh
  • Exhausted Yachstmen, from “The Lifeboat”
  • Heroes of our Sister Isle by James Marr
  • Postal History and Stamps of Guernsey display by P Kenton, D Guernby and O J Simpson

Spring 1987

  • Constitutional Relationship between the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands: the Role of the Home Office by Stuart Bampton
  • A Look Around some Guernsey Villages – Part II by James Marr
  • Guernsey’s Changing Horticulture by H R Dally
  • My Life as a Scholar and Schoolmaster – Recalled by Peter Girard
  • The Herm Print, An Analysis by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Obituary: Cecil de Sausmarez (1907-1986)
  • Book Review by Mervyn Harwood


Winter 1986

  • A Serious Matter
  • Yesterday’s Fun by Victor Coysh
  • A Dumb Guernseyman by the late Jean le Pelley
  • A Look around some Guernsey Villages by James Marr
  • Tales of the Rocquaine Pilots by the late Eric Sharp
  • Further letters of the Dobrée family contributed by the late J de L Mann

Summer 1986

  • The Conqueror’s Cross by Edna G Mauger
  • A Very Cold Winter in Guernsey by David Jamison
  • Guernsey County, Ohio by F d’A Collings
  • The Palmers in Guernsey by Rosemary Ashley
  • Emille and Eugene Reminisce by Louise de Garis and Nickey Gee

Spring 1986

  • St James, Guernsey by Bridget Adams
  • La Plaiderie, St Peter Port by H C Burr
  • The Hon Marion Saumarez 1855-1978
  • Death at Le Bourg in 1855 by John Le C Simon
  • Letter to the Editor – the Deputy Bailiff
  • A Valiant Guernseyman by James Marr
  • An Execution


Winter 1985

  • New Flag for Guernsey by Bruce Nicolls OBE RN (ret)
  • Vale of Misery by James Marr
  • James Saumarez at the Battle of Sullivan Bay by Joan Moullin
  • The Return by Jessie Marriette-Smith
  • Guernsey to Melbourne 1854 Part III by Arthur Simon
  • New from Guernsey 1945
  • A Night in the Channel by the late J Q Le Pelley
  • Hérisson-Crapaud Snooker Pairs

Summer 1985

  • Two Hundred Years of Guernsey Mail Boats by the late M H Ouseley
  • The Miserable Years by Brian A Rankilor
  • Le Guet du Castel by Peter Girard
  • Guernsey to Melbourne 1854 – Part II by Arthur Simon
  • The Capture of a French Privateer – contents contributed by David Godfrey
  • An Alderney Easter by Victor Coysh

Spring 1985

  • Talk by Bishop of Winchester – résumé
  • Zoological Trust of Guernsey by J A Thomas
  • Mediaeval Walls of St Peter Port by James Marr
  • Guernsey to Melbourne 1854 Part I by Arthur Simon
  • “All the way from China” by Carel Toms
  • Brief Note on the Ancient Castles of Guernsey by H C Burr
  • John Mowlem and Guernsey by Victor Coysh


Winter 1984

  • Youthful Memories of L’Islet by “Un Petit Fils”
  • Notes on Les Vers de Lihou by Raymond Clark MA
  • The Trip to Lihou by Charles Carr CBE
  • Holy Trinity Church by James Marr
  • A Vous Perdu enne Vacque by Lloyd Le Couteur
  • A Brave Rescue by Pleinmont Pilots in 1820 by J H Lenfestey
  • Review of the Stufy by St John A Robilliard of Jersey’s Housing Control Law
  • Guernsey Telephone Service: some further comments by R Ashley and J R Bennett

Summer 1984

  • The Channel Islands and Australia: Maritime Links in the 1850s by Alan Jamieson
  • More on John Finlay by David McClintock
  • Machon’s of the Pollet by James Marr
  • L’Islet the Obscure by Victor Coysh
  • Letter to the Editor by James Marr
  • In Memoriam: Miss E Goudge, Maj Gen d’A Collings, Miss L Lyon

Spring 1984

  • Laburnum in November by Rosemary Ashley
  • The Guernsey Telephone Department by J R Bennett
  • Guernsey Herb Holidays by Daphne E Dunster
  • Sark Then and Now by Victor Coysh
  • La Rue Marguerite: An Essay in Nostalgia by James Marr
  • Vintage 1937 by R A S
  • The Frigate Amethyst 1796


Winter 1983

  • Three Gentlemen at Geneva by Brian A Rankilor
  • “Since ’tis Nature’s Law to Change” Part II by Patrick Whinney
  • Old Bordeaux by Victor Coysh
  • Further Tenants of Herm and Jethou, 1877-1960′s by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Newtown Recollected by James Marr
  • The First Rocquaine Regatta, 1910 by J H Lenfestey
  • Presentation to Mr Priaulx
  • New Channel Islands Exhibition

Summer 1983

  • The Guernsey Society 1943 – 1983
  • “Since ’tis Nature’s Law to Change” by Patrick Whinney
  • Fresh Light on Levrier by James Marr
  • Further Tenants of Herm and Jethou 1860-1880 by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Conservation in the Channel Islands: Guille-Alles Library by H C Burr and L J Marr
  • “Le Vier Guernesey”

Spring 1983

  • St Martin’s Old Guernsey Exhibition and Fair of 1908 by Victor Coysh
  • Recollections of Childhood in Guernsey by Harriet Dalgairns
  • The Hungry Fig by Charles Carr
  • It is Glorious to be Free. Letter from Madeline Lawson
  • Victor Hugo in Guernsey as seen through his Diary translated and edited by Xavier Kreiss
  • The Language of Alderney
  • Book Review: Guernsey’s Earliest Flora


Winter 1982

  • Further Tenants of Herm and Jethou 1830-1860 by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Guernsey’s Oldest Houses by John McCormack
  • Bible Christians of St Peter’s in the Wood by Rev T H N Vidamour
  • Writ in Water by James Marr
  • Trip round Alderney by Victor Coysh
  • Jean, Marie et ‘Clara’ by P de G

Summer 1982

  • When the Saints Came Marching In by James Marr
  • Major General Bailey and Unmilitary Conduct
  • Le Catioroc by P J Girard
  • Alderney’s Strategic Decline by the late M H Ouseley
  • Treatment of a Wreck contributed by David Godfrey
  • Richmond Barracks by A C Andros
  • The Need for Education. Letter by Thomas Guille
  • The Jane and Mary
  • A Guernsey Bookshelf

Spring 1982

  • In Memoriam: R W J Payne FRAS
  • St Stephen’s Church by Nigel Jee
  • Collecting Guernsey Views in London by Xavier Kreiss
  • Court Circuit by James Marr
  • A Guernseyman buried at Chichester by Richard Hocart
  • Sixtus IV and Piracy in the Channel Islands (1480) by Mgr Bernard Jacqueline
  • A New “Outline of Guernesiès” by Eric Lukis
  • A Guernsey Bookshelf by Peter Button and Raymond Clark
  • Centenary of La Société Guernesiaise – An Appeal


Summer/Autumn 1981

  • Channel Islands Shipping Project
  • Le Corps des Ecrivains by T F Priaulx
  • Guernsey Volunteer Stroke Scheme by Raymond Clark
  • Les Vinaires et Les Menages, St Peter’s by Peter Girard
  • Wreck of the Ranger by Dr S K Kellett-Smith

Spring 1981

  • Recollections of Victor Hugo by Mrs James de Havilland
  • Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery by Rona Cole and Richard Reed
  • Elizabeth Lyttleton by Philip Stevens
  • National Trust of Guernsey
  • Diary of a Voyage with a few Sketches of Guernsey by William Proctor
  • Further Dobrée Letters contributed by Julia de L Mann
  • Beanjars etc by S C Gilchrist
  • A Rough Voyage to Cowes, 1796


Winter 1980

  • La Claire Mare by Victor Coysh
  • The Channel Islands Family History Society
  • The Historical Evolution of Guernsey’s System of Government by James Marr
  • A Note on the little Cemetery on Herm by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • L M Michael by J E Moullin
  • Further Dobrée Letters contributed by Julia de L Mann

Summer 1980

  • Two Tenants of Herm II – Jonathan Duncan by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Island Pilgrame (continued) by Victor Coysh
  • Bucktrouts – 1830-1980 by Gresham Barber
  • The Last Boat from Sark by James Marr

Spring 1980

  • Some Guernsey Gardens by Mab Wimborne
  • Fortifications of the Channel Islands by K J Barton
  • Two Tenants of Herm I – Col John Linsay by Dr S K Kellett-Smith
  • Miss Jane Clarke by Raymond Clark
  • Further Dobrée Letters contributed by Julia de L Mann
  • Garden Hymn by G Le Ray