The Review index 1945-1949


Winter 1949

  • The Market Place and Assembly Rooms by Arthur L Lee
  • Early education in the Castel parish, Guernsey 1700-1857 Part 2 by JA Lainé
  • Seabirds in the Channel Islands by RM Lockley
  • The Royal Court House 1799-1949 by WH Arnold
  • The earliest known Christian grave in Guernsey by Vera Carey
  • Book Review: Wild flowers at a glance, MC Carey
  • Letter: Le Vrec by EB Moullin

Autumn 1949

  • Elizabeth College by Victor Coysh
  • Guernsey Executions by H Le M Chepmell
  • Crab and Lobster pots by Basil C de Guerin
  • Book Review: “The Norman Isles”, Basil C de Guerin
  • Letter: Queen’s and King’s Birthday Parades by Bernard Mourant

Summer 1949

  • The first Castle Cornet by John Le Patourel
  • Memories: the Queen’s Birthday Review by Arthur L Lee
  • The King’s Birthday Review by MG Bonamy Collings
  • The hazard of the coin by JE Bazille Corbin
  • Book Review: “Isolated Island”, VV Cortvriend

Spring 1949

  • Some Guernsey Malignants by Vera Carey
  • The history of the “Guernsey” by Basil C de Guerin
  • The Guernsey Fiefs today by CP Le Huray
  • Regressions and reflections by HJ Fleure
  • Letter: Guernsey Cow by EB Moullin


Winter 1948

  • Early education in the Castel parish, Guernsey 1700-1857 Part 1 by JA Lainé
  • Habits, Customs & Ceremonies recorded about 1875 by H Le M Chepmell
  • Vraicing on Guernsey by Basil C de Guerin
  • An old experiment in local finance by HJ Fleure
  • Letter: Higher education in 1629 by EB Moullin

Autumn 1948

  • Elizabeth Ham in Guernsey in 1804
  • Guernsey’s Former Defences by Victor Coysh
  • St Julian’s Avenue by Mr St Barbe Baker
  • Old Guernsey Recipes
  • Letter: Licensing hours in 1770 by EB Moullin
  • Book Review: The Channel Islands under Tudor Government by A J Eagleston

Summer 1948

  • Birds in Guernsey by H Le M Brock
  • A Guernsey ship of the Nineteenth Century by EB Moullin
  • Guernsey Granite by JH Falla
  • Old Guernsey fare by AA Moon
  • Report on Trees in St Julian’s Avenue, 1948 by St Barbe Baker
  • Australia’s links with Guernsey (letter) by Dorothy Davies
  • Letter: Statutes of Elizabeth College by F Hardy

Spring 1948

  • Sark Church by A Robson
  • Memories: L’Eree and Lihou by AL Mellish
  • On ormers by Basil C de Guerin
  • Guernsey’s Airport by Basil C de Guerin
  • Sea Cadets in Guernsey by CRE de Jersey
  • Parsnip growing in Guernsey by HJ Fleure
  • Letter: Privateers by JDA Thompson


Winter 1947

  • An episode with the press gang in 1790 by EB Moullin
  • Memories: Forty years on by Bernard Mourant
  • The farmer’s cow by Christine Ramsay-Fairfax
  • Letter: King Henry VI and the University of Caen by EB Moullin

Autumn 1947

  • The war at sea – 1799 by EB Moullin
  • The Farming outlook by William Vaudin
  • Guernsey today by Victor Coysh
  • Memories: the Great Aunts by Arthur L Lee

Summer 1947

  • St Peter Port revisited Part 2 by John Le Pelley
  • Guernsey postage stamps during the Occupation by Basil C de Guerin
  • Guernsey crops – Spring 1947 by William Vaudin
  • Under Les Sommeilleuses by HJ Fleure
  • Book Review: “Flame over Britain”, Sir Donald Banks  by W d’A Collings
  • Letter: WVS in Alderney by Noel Streatfield
  • Letter: Stags swimming by J Boulton Lea
  • Letter: Guernsey’s birds by Algernon Rowley

Spring 1947

  • St Peter Port revisited Part 1 by John Le Pelley
  • The Constitutions of the Channel Islands by John Le Patourel
  • The case of Alderney by FG French
  • A Naturalist visits the Bailiwick by RM Lockley
  • Green Dolphin Country and memories by Elizabeth Goudge
  • Guernsey’s Birds (letter) by H Le M Brock
  • Letter: Ladies’ College Scholarship Fund by AJ Lainé
  • In memorian: Douglas F Carey by Sir Donald Banks


October 1946

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Guernsey branch of Men of the Trees

July 1946

  • Report of the council for the year ended 1945/6
  • A 1940 Diary continued

April 1946

  • The Charters and Privileges, Laws and Customs of the Island of Guernsey by John Le Patourel
  • Appeal for Contibution towards the fund to restore the stained glass windows of the Town Church

January 1946

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Effects of the enemy occupation on the state of health and nutrition in the Channel Islands
  • A 1940 Diary (continued)


October 1945

  • Report of the Council for the year ending 31st March 1945
  • House of Commons, Friday 17th August 1945
  • A 1940 Diary

July 1945

  • Liberation
  • Royal Proclamation by Brigadier A E Snow
  • The Ladies’ College 1940-45
  • Oldham and the States Intermediate School for Boys

April 1945

  • Editorial Note
  • Elizabeth College 1940-45
  • Obituaries: Lt Col Mervyn Dobrée Carey, Rev Wm C Penney, Alfred Sabonadière, Admiral Sir Reginald Tupper