Covid-19 update

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, monthly lunches in Guernsey are cancelled and scheduled activities in London have been either postponed or cancelled.

The Guernsey Literary Festival has been cancelled and all Heritage 75 events planned to mark the 75th Anniversary of Liberation are being postponed until later in the year. Liberation Day will still be marked on 9th May, but in a different format.

A revised schedule for this year’s meetings in London and Guernsey will appear in the Summer edition of The Review.

The Review is sent free to members three times a year – for more details, see The Review.

Any updates before then, will be posted to this website – and our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

The Spring 2020 Review is out now!

The Spring 2020 edition of The Review is now with the printers, and should hopefully be making its way to members shortly.

This edition contains an article about the Spanish Flu pandemic that swept the world just after World War 1 – with eerie parallels with the current situation. There are also some letters that Eddie Clark’s family received from liberated Guernsey, just weeks after liberation – to mark the 75th Anniversary. Yan Marquis’ poem “Note Lingo” promotes the revitalisation of Guernesiais (with translation). And Susan Lloyd’s DVD “Discovering Guernsey” is featured.

In Guernsey Around the World, we explore why there isn’t a place in America called “New Guernsey” – the first of a two-part article.

Book Reviews include three new publications which would have been on the (now-cancelled) Guernsey Literary Festival: In Living Memory, curated by Olympia McEwan; Across the Channel – the memoirs of Major-General Sir Donald Banks; and Guernsey Occupation Diaries 1940-1945 of Rev Douglas Ord, edited by John Nettles.

The Island News, which was put together just as the Covid-19 pandemic was breaking out in the island, will be hopelessly out of date by the time you receive it.

The Review is sent free to members three times a year – for more details, seeThe Review.


December London Meeting: Saturday 1 December 2018

 Saturday December 1st: Howard Smith – Herbert Tourtel and Rupert the Bear.

On November 8, 1920, one of the most enduring and well-loved children’s characters in British fiction made his first appearance in the Daily Express. The then news editor of the Express, Guernseyman Herbert Tourtel, was approached with the task of producing a new comic strip to rival those of the Mail and Mirror and immediately thought of his wife Mary, already an established author and artist.

Venue: Fountains Abbey, 109 Praed Street London W2 1RL (nearest station Paddington).

Time: 12.15pm for pub lunch followed by talk.

No advance notice necessary.

November London Meeting: Saturday 17 November 2018

 Saturday November 17th: Anne Allen – The Guernsey Novels. Anne Allen lives by the sea in Devon but spent 14 years living in Guernsey. She is now an award-winning novelist and has published six novels in the Guernsey Novels series.

Meet at Fountains Abbey, 109 Praed Street London W2 1RL (nearest station Paddington)

Time: 12.15pm for a pub lunch followed by Anne’s talk.

No advance notice necessary.

The Summer Review is out now!

Review Summer 2017 mockup

The Summer edition of The Review will be in the post next week.

This edition has a distinct literary theme. We have a report on our May presence at the Guernsey Literary Festival, details of an obscure literary connection between Sebastian Faulks, Elizabeth Goudge and Victor Hugo, Bruce Parker’s account of the P.G. Wodehouse Library that has been established at Dulwich College and news of efforts being made in Guernsey to establish a Victor Hugo bench.

For those less interested in literary matters, there is news of our sporting triumph over the Jersey Society at the recent Boules Muratti, a report on our Annual General Meeting, an article from Canadian member, George Matheson about his quest for his family’s Guernsey origins, an excerpt from Stephen Matthews’s gripping memoir of his childhood experience as an inmate of Biberach.

Reviews of recent local books include Guernsey As It Used To Be by George W.J.L. Hugo, Stone Witness, an eclectic collection of poetry from Guernsey poet Richard Fleming, David Bellos’s case for Les Misérables to be considered The Novel of the Century and Rob Batiste’s Big Book of Guernsey Sport.

In addition, we have the usual summary of Island News, and details of forthcoming Society meetings in London and Guernsey.

The Review is sent out free to members three times a year.


Next London meeting: Saturday, 4 March 2017, Gilly Carr

For our first meeting of 2017, we are delighted to welcome back Dr Gilly Carr, with a talk entitled A stub of pencil for a piece of bread: why Frank Falla is my hero of the occupation.

Gilly is Fellow and Director of Studies in Archaeology and Anthropology at St Catharine’s College Cambridge, and has written extensively about Channel Islander Occupation resistance and deportation. Her talk will cover the ‘Frank Falla archives’, and the website that she is building to cover the stories of islanders sent to Nazi prisons and concentration camps.

We have a new location – ‘Fountains Abbey’, 109 Praed Street, London W2 1RL. This is a historic Victorian pub, located almost next door to Paddington station, and we’ll meet for lunch at 12.30.

Spring 2015 Review is out now

The Review - Spring 2015 The Spring 2015 edition of The Review is out now. This edition contains an article by Baroness Pitkeathley based on her recent talk to the Society in London, Dorothy Dowding’s reminiscences of working at the Guernsey Press at the time of Liberation, Geoff Falla’s account of the Guernsey ‘Meteor’ and Earthquake of 1843, the second part of Sam Clapp’s article on French Catholic priests exiled in Guernsey, an article by Stephen Foote ‘Defoe’s Guernsey Lake’, a short history of La Grande Mare, and Michael Paul’s account of an early Battlefield tour in the 1920s. There has been a flood of new books to review many with a WW2 theme: including the diaries of Lieut Desmond Mulholland and Dr Alaistair Rose, and Patricia Best’s memoirs of her experience as a child evacuee. We also review the recently-published diary of a young Englishman, Andrew Mitchell, who visited to the Channel Islands in 1866, edited by Susan Ilie and John Le Dain. All in addition to the usual Island News and Membership News. The Review is distributed free to members three times a year. For more details see The Review. A full index of articles since it began in 1945 can be found here – Index of Articles.

Winter edition of The Review is out now

The Winter 2012 edition of The Review is out now, and contains articles on the Brock Bicentenary celebrations in Guernsey, Barry Jones’ contribution to the Society’s archives, Rachel Dobrée, the daughter of an 18th century merchant adventurer, A Wedding in 18th Century Alderney, an update on our Occupations Words competition for schools and the final part in Stephen Foote’s Review of the Review. As a prelude to a series of articles commemorating our 70th anniversary, it also includes a reprint of our founder Sir Donald Banks’ 1942 radio broadcast  to the occupied Channel Islands entitled “Sand and Granite”. It also includes the usual summary of the latest Guernsey news, and book reviews and details of forthcoming meetings.

It’s not too late to book a place at the 70th Anniversary Lunch on 9th February where the new Bailiff will be our guest of honour. For more details, please see here

70th Anniversary Lunch, 9 February 2013

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In 2013, The Guernsey Society will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary year. Among the events planned to mark the occasion, we will be holding an Anniversary Lunch with the Bailiff of Guernsey, Mr Richard Collas (President of the Guernsey Society) and a number of other honoured guests.

The lunch will take place on 9th February 2013, at the Charing Cross Hotel, London.

The cost of the lunch will be £30 for set lunch menu, including a glass of sparkling wine on arrival.

For more details – click on the following link: Guernsey Society 70th Anniversary Lunch, 9th February 2013 (Adobe Acrobat).

Update (4 February 2013): This event is now fully booked, and we are no longer accepting reservations.


Welcome to our new-look web site

Welcome to our new-look web site – we would like to thank the innovative and helpful team at Hamilton Brooke, who have helped design a new logo and website for the 21st century.

Our brief was to create a new logo which was fresh yet instantly recognisable as associated with Guernsey. They came up with a number of designs, and we chose the one featured here – a modern interpretation of the Guernsey Seal, which the Society has used since its foundation in 1943. We have now updated our Facebook and Twitter accounts and web site with the new logo, and look forward to the next edition of The Review, which will feature our new cover design incorporating the new logo.

We would particularly like to thank Ged Kelly for overall direction, Ben Adkins for the logo concept and design as well as his photograph of Victoria Marina featured here, and Richard Spensley for his help and advice with updating the web site.