The Summer 2020 Review is on its way!


The Summer edition of The Review is currently with the printers and should be on its way to members shortly.

This edition contains an article about Rupert Bear, who celebrates his centenary this year, and his Guernsey creator, Herbert Tourtel. Jane Mosse tells the story of a 19th century court case against homeopathist, Dr John Ozanne, Martin Le Pelley completes the history of Guernsey’s Insurance Industry, by bringing it right up to date.

We also include the second part of our “Guernsey Around the World” article exploring why there isn’t a New Guernsey – casting the net in the direction of the Solomon Islands. We also bring news of the Vouaïe-Voice initiative by Yan Marquis and Aaron Yeandle to record and photograph the last native speakers of Guernésiais.

The usual features including book reviews, a round-up of local news and the latest plans for Society meetings are also included.

Those who have signed up for electronic copies can download them now from The Review page.

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