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Spring 2020

Review Spring 2020

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  • Letter from the Chairman by Keith Le Page
  • Editorial by Stephen Foote
  • Society Notices
    • Membership
    • Back issues of The Review
    • Forthcoming Meetings
    • Covid-19 udpate
    • Obituary: Doreen Mooney
    • Letter to the Editor
  • Spanish Flu in Guernsey, 1918-19 by Stephen Foote
  • Liberation Letters by Eddie Clark
  • Guernsey Around the World: Why isn’t there a New Guernsey? (Part 1) by Stephen Foote
  • Brighouse Channel Islands Society by Paul Miller
  • “Note Lingo” by Yan Marquis
  • Discovering Guernsey DVD by Susan Lloyd
  • Book Reviews:
    • In Living Memory curated by Oympia McEwan
    • Across the Channel – the Memoirs of Major-General Sir Donald Banks
    • Guernsey Occupation Diaries 1940-1945 by Rev Douglas Ord, edited by John Nettles
  • Island News by Michael Paul